What's Included

We specialise in covering both sides of the family if this is what is required.  However, we are well versed in covering all event types and ceremonies.

The Film:

Every film includes the following: 

    • DVD or Bluray Box Set, personalised with your choice of music
    • Full length cinematic movie* including all of your events and the ceremonies in their entirety
    • Fully chaptered with index screen
    • Full Movie colour grading throughout
    • Cinematic Highlights Trailer


    • Concept Films, produced to be showcased just before your entrance at your wedding reception.
    • Aerial drone footage to compliment your film
    • 12-18ft Kessler Crane to compliment your film during certain parts of your event

    *DVD/Bluray is an average of 2-3 hrs in length (depending on events booked), although can be much longer.


    The Photography:

    Photography includes the following: 

    • All colour corrected high resolution images, supplied on a disc set


    • Concept Fashion Shoots.  A slideshow will be produced, with up to 15 graded and unique images.  We can produce guestbooks, signing boards and canvases upon request.
    • Luxury Italian Storybooks in varied sizes, with matching parent albums and mini albums, are also available.


    The Crew:

    Pre-wedding events:

    For your pre-wedding events, we find in most cases that one photographer and one videographer is adequate.  Although you will be advised of the number of crew we feel is necessary once we have discussed your requirements with you.

    The Main Day: 

    On the main day, we always bring a minimum of 2 videographers.  We offer 1-2 photographers depending on your requirements.  You will receive at least 3 camera angles during the wedding ceremony and reception.

    As an example, if we are to film and photograph your main day and capture both the bride and groom preparations, we would have one crew with the bride in the morning, and one with the groom.  Both crew would then meet at the ceremony and continue on to the reception, where the crew will then be halved for the Doli.  This means starting with 2 videographers and 2 photographers, and finishing with one of each.

    We will also supply a 12ft-18ft crane with operator where requirement, at an additional fee.

    The Equipment:

    We bring the following equipment, used accordingly and where necessary.  Our crew are well versed in all ceremonies, and when and where is best to use each item, as well as where they should be placed to capture the best view.

    • Sony FS7 4K Cinema Camera/C100 Super 35mm CineCameras/Canon 5D Cameras
    • Kessler Dolly (Slider)
    • Kessler Large Crane
    • DJI Aerial Drone
    • Sound Recorders
    • Professional Lighting and Flash used where applicable