Sandy & Imandeep's Wedding Film  

Welcome to Sandy & Imandeep's Wedding Film Collection, where you can view their film in chapters below.  Please allow time for your internet connection to load before viewing each section.  Enjoy!

Movie Trailer

Sandy's Maiyan

Sandy's Sangeet

Imandeep's Maiyan

Imandeep's Sangeet

Morning Preparations

iMandeep Leaving Home

Arrivals & Milni

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

Introduction & Canapes

Entrance, Cake & First Dance


Reception Intro, Parents' Entrance & Starters

Dinner, Roti Ceremony & Ladies' Milni


Changes Section

Imandeep's Sangeet

(Low Resolution for checking purposes)

1) 18:32 to 20:20 removed

2) 30:09-30:20 removed



(Low Resolution for checking purposes)

1) Shabad Kirtan Man Kiyo Beraag Karega Satgur included between 04:46 and 28:56


2) 1:38:47 to 1:43:19 cut out and fading adjusted accordingly



(Low Resolution for checking purposes)


(Low Resolution for checking purposes)

The song between 11:00 and 17:44 is a song about dancing with your family. If possible, for all of this, I would like dance floor scenes only please.

Have added what was available of the crowd rather than Malkit Singh.  There are a few more clips interspersed.

The following times, if possible, I would like to the use the other camera/safe/crane to use another shot rather than Malkit please:

21:30-22:30 - No other shots available

31:54-32:54 - Done

33:50-34:20 - Managed a tiny bit of crane footage, but some machine drowned out all footage for a while so had to keep original camera where necessary

34:47-35:40 - Done (what was feasible)

35:50-37:05 - Done (what was feasible)

37:50-38:50 - Done

39:27-40:15 - Done

40:26-41:26 - Done (what was feasible)