Ranjit & Pooja's WEDDING FILM  

Welcome to Ranjit and Pooja's Wedding Film, where you can view their film below.  Please allow time for your internet connection to load before viewing.  Enjoy!

Highlights Trailer

Pooja's Pre-Wedding Pt1

Pooja's Pre-Wedding Pt2

Ranjit's Pre-Wedding Pt1

Pooja's Pre-Wedding Pt3

Ranjit's Pre-Wedding Pt1

Ranjit's Pre-Wedding Pt2

Ranjit's Pre-Wedding Pt1 Revised 21-01-17 (Standard Definition for viewing purposes)

Morning Preparations

Pooja's Morning

Arrival, Milni & Breakfast

Ranjit's Morning (Revised 17-1-17)

Civil Ceremony

Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Part 1

Part 1 Revised 26-03-16


Part 2

Part 2 Revised 26-03-16

Just Married

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Revised 19-01-17

Part 1

Part 3

Part 5


Part 2

Part 4

Part 6

Goodbyes & Arriving Home

Wedding Reception

Introduction & Welcome Drinks

Entrance & Cake

First Dance & Celebrations

Michael Jackson Performance

Dhol Players & Finale Pt2

Guests Seated

Starters & Speeches

Main Meal

Dhol Players & Finale Pt1