The Morning Preparations

A typical wedding day begins with our teams at the bride and the groom homes or venues, capturing their morning preparations.  We will capture the bride and groom getting ready, along with their families and friends arriving, also getting ready and any morning ceremonies that are carried out.

Scroll down for examples of the typical film chapter and photographic images you will receive, if we are capturing the morning preparations of your big day...

The Photography

The Bride's Morning Preparations

The Groom's Morning Preparations

The Film Chapter

Here are some examples of the bride and groom's preparations, merged to form a beautiful sequence that will start the film after the trailer.  

Sometimes, if a Bride or Groom has family and friends in the room with them, we will use a mix of live audio within the chapter - to show the feel of that particular moment.  Each bride and groom preparations chapter is unique to our couples, reflecting their surroundings, family and the order of the morning.

Satpreet & Udesh

Hasina & Baljinder