Malraj & Kimran's WEDDING FILM  

Welcome to Malraj and Kimran's Wedding Film, where you can view their film below.  Please allow time for your internet connection to load before viewing.  Enjoy!

Malraj's Pre-Wedding Evening Pt1

Malraj's Maiya & Nakishak Pt1

Malraj's Maiya & Nakishak Pt3

Kimran's Maiya

Kimran's Jaggo Pt1

Morning Preparations

Kimran Arrives


Malraj's Pre-Weddiing Evening Pt2

Malraj's Maiya & Nakishak Pt2

Malraj's Maiya & Nakishak Pt4

Kimran's Choora

Kimran's Jaggo Pt2

Leaving Home

Malraj Arrives


Wedding Ceremony

Part 1 - Guests' Entrance

Part 3

Part 5

Part 7

Part 2 - Malraj's Entrance

Part 4 - Kimran's Entrance

Part 6

Civil Ceremony


Part 1

Part 2

Wedding Reception


Guests Seated


First Dance

Guest Arrivals

Malraj & Kimran's Arrival & Cake



Roti Ceremony

Dinner & Finale


Entrance & Cake Change

Doli Pt2 Change

Kimran's Maiya Change

Kimran’s Pre-Wed Eve Changes Nov 18 (Standard Def)

Malraj Arrival V2 Nov 18

Ceremony Pt 6 change Nov 18

Celebrations Pt2

Malraj Arrival v3 March 2019

Malraj Pre-Wed Clip Change March 19

Celebrations Change

Malraj Pre Wed Change

Malraj’s Pre-Wed Eve Changes Nov 18 (Standard Def)