How many crew do you bring to the event? 

You can read more about our suggestions within our 'What's Included' area.

What equipment do you bring with you? 

Our equipment kit list can be found within our 'What's Included' area.

What is a Concept Film?

Our concept films are all unique short cinematic films, storyboarded and produced by the Directors of Surya Wedding Films and developed around the couple's love story.  Most of our couples have the film showcased before they make their entrance into their wedding reception.

What is a Fashion Shoot?

Our fashion shoots are usually undertaken before your events, whereby our highly skilled photography team will take you out for as long as it takes to capture some beautiful, timeless images of you both that can be shown as a slideshow at your events, and for guestbooks, signing boards and canvases.  Directed by photographers with a previous fashion background.

Do you have much experience in producing Asian Wedding Films & Photography?

All of our crew are the same crew who have only work with Surya Wedding FIlms.  Our experience of Asian weddings spans over 15 years, and we are all well versed in every ceremony.  The crew come from a variety of highly skilled, impressive media backgrounds having worked in broadcast media previously and currently involved in other feature films fashion shoots for the luxury brand market.

How can I see more of your work and discuss my requirements?

We encourage all prospective clients to come and meet with us in Kent, United Kingdom where we will offer you a non obligatory consultation - taking you through our latest work, introducing ourselves and getting to know you as a couple, family and your needs.  We believe this meeting is a very important start to a working relationship, as we are producing one of the most special memories you will ever have.

What's Included?

Please visit our 'What's Included' area.